AlphaRidge combines the knowledge of the healthcare rules and regulations with technology to optimize your practice. 

Few IT companies can ensure HIPAA compliance because they’re poorly acquainted with the HIPAA security requirements. Or perhaps because HIPAA compliance can be a headache. Our healthcare and technology professionals not only maintain a HIPAA compliant environment within AlphaRidge but, also maintain your HIPAA compliant environment for you. We know how important patient information security is because our client’s security is just as important to us. We prioritize it at all levels.  

  • HIPAA Compliance Assessment

    We will survey your environment and provide you with a detailed list of what needs to be changed for you to attain HIPAA Compliance.

  • HIPAA Compliance Maintenance

    We will secure your environment and promote healthy HIPAA complaint maintenance to keep your facility safe.

  • Interfacing with Medical Devices

    Our technicians have interfaced tracking devices, heart monitors and more to ease the reporting process for our clients.

  • Patient Data Management

    We optimize your patient data management software to tailor to your office needs.

  • Interfacing with Labs

    Our technicians have interfaced medical practices with their laboratory of choice to help their doctors gain access to studies sooner and increase their efficiency.

  • ePrescribe

    As per recent regulations, ePrescribe is a must for practitioners with over 100 prescriptions per year. We will set your system up and provide you with on-going support.

  • Security

    Security is the most important concern in healthcare today. Hundreds of practices are being hacked every day. We will make sure yours is not one of them.