AlphaRidge HIT offers guidance every step of the way. 

EHR platforms have bloomed in the last five years. With government regulation requiring efilling, EHRs are unavoidable. AlphaRidge Health experts have extensive experience in EHR implementation, training, support and customization. They can guide you to the best EHR solution for your practice, help you navigate the complex new environment and offer the first line of support. We will also assist you with Meaningful Use attestation. 




We will help you select the EHR that best fits your practice needs. From setup on local computers to scanner integration, our technicians are on top of it. 


Our EHR experts will train your staff so that they can navigate your system with ease. We offer full day training options and ongoing support. 


For practice's with EHRs in place, we offer EHR navigation training, form customization, EHR maintenance, PQRS reporting and Meaningful Use attestation guidance. Most medical professionals and governmental officials are at a loss when it comes to the myriad of meaningful use requirements. Our team has been on top of the rules since day one. We'll clear up your confusion and guide you to the best practice solutions for your attestation.



In case any EHR issues arise, our engineers are here to help. We answer calls quickly and resolve matters to your satisfaction. Our deep knowledge of EHR's allows us to keep your practice running smoothly everyday. 


Below are a few of the practices we specialize in. Our engineers are well versed in all top EHR's and most EHR platforms on the market today. If you use an EHR not listed on this page, please reach out to us. We most likely support it.  

Alpha Ridge

Seven years of patient records take up a lot of space. Electronic Health Records are a popular alternative to paper files. They are accessible, reliable, and secure. If you don’t have an EHR system in place, please don’t jump to the first one you see. With the numerous EHR platforms in the market today, it’s important to know which one best fits your practice. We work with many EHR companies and can advise you on the best choice for your medical facility (and it won’t break the bank either).

EHR systems can also be outdated. We’ve encountered numerous clients struggling to work with an old EHR platform. We will provide you with the same EHR assessment and offer you a preferred EHR platform to migrate to.