5 Tips for Remaining HIPAA Compliant

As Amazon’s Alexa becomes increasingly concerned with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance, we thought we’d share 5 quick tips to help keep individual physician practices HIPAA compliant.   Backup & Failover Having a backup of your ...?

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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an EHR for Your Practice

Choosing an EHR is no simple feat. A recent survey released by Deloite revealed a majority of physicians agree that EHR’s are useful for analytics, reporting capabilities, and improving clinical outcomes, however just as many admit to being dissatisfied with their EHR vendor. With th...?

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12 Best Practice Tips to Keep Health IT Environments Secure

What are the best practices to keep health IT environments secure? On an individual basis, there are many steps healthcare institutions should take to protect themselves from cyber threats. In our technological age, data is only increasing in value, and the big red target painted on healthcare ...?

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Why Medical Records Are the New Data Honeypot

..and what physicians and their vendors should do about it. The healthcare industry is the “grandparent” of the IT security world. Despite having the potential to collectively save $60 billion with investments in digital technologies, the healthcare industry remains infested w...?

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Healthcare Technology Innovations

As per Healthcare IT News and ECRI, we bring you the leading healthcare technology innovations as of the start of 2016: 1. Mobile stroke units. MSUs use specially-outfitted ambulances and staff members, in conjunction with telemedicine to perform blood tests, CT scans and TPA tests before the patie...?

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