XDR, EDR, MDR, and SIEM | Understanding Extended Detection & Response

The technology industry, and in particular, cybersecurity, is crammed with jargon and acronyms. IT departments find it challenging to navigate the vendor landscape, especially when finding detection and response solutions. The truth is, cyber attackers evolve daily and subsequently, the tools to com...?

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When Should I Replace My Firewall?

We’ve worked with a lot of firewalls here at AlphaRidge. Every now and again we encounter a real dinosaur, firewalls as old and clunky as a cassette player (okay, maybe not that old but you get the picture). While Apple might push you on a yearly upgrade, not all hardware has nor should it hav...?

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Phishing Trip Canceled – How to Identify & Avoid Phishing Attempts

Every single day thousands of phishing attempts hit inboxes around the world. Many of them will be far less obvious than others. But what is phishing, and why is it so harmful? What are some techniques to help you identify and avoid phishing attacks? Phishing is the attempt to access sensitive info...?

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Why You Should Think Twice About That Free Software

College textbooks are notoriously expensive. Every semester university students near and far scramble for a way to avoid paying for their required reading, even if it means spending 15 hours a semester making copies or trading textbooks in private Facebook groups. Encountering this behavior on a cam...?

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How Law Firms Can Make Cybersecurity a Priority in 2018

Law firms, an obvious target for cybercriminals, have servers holding sensitive data like business’ IP, bank information, medical records, and other personal information. What can they do to make cybersecurity a priority in 2018?   Law firms bear an ethical obligation to keep client dat...?

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7 Office Cybersecurity Tips

7 Cybersecurity tips for the workplace… Employees can be both your greatest asset and your greatest vulnerability. Having an iron-clad security protocol in place will help decrease how susceptible your business is to an cyber-incident.   Make Cyber Awareness a Part of Onboarding Star...?

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Your Cloud: Identity and Access Management

Does your cloud solution have a thorough identification and authorization framework? Your cloud solution is the backbone of your organization’s functionality. It involves many resources, belonging to many users, interacting in an intricate manner. It’s critical that you ensure that the ...?

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12 Best Practice Tips to Keep Health IT Environments Secure

What are the best practices to keep health IT environments secure? On an individual basis, there are many steps healthcare institutions should take to protect themselves from cyber threats. In our technological age, data is only increasing in value, and the big red target painted on healthcare ...?

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Why Medical Records Are the New Data Honeypot

..and what physicians and their vendors should do about it. The healthcare industry is the “grandparent” of the IT security world. Despite having the potential to collectively save $60 billion with investments in digital technologies, the healthcare industry remains infested w...?

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